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Find all the answers to your questions about car rental at CCB RENT A CAR by consulting our FAQ.

Which models I may rent ?

CCB RENT A CAR proposes you a wide choice of vehicles for the car rental:

  • Economy car
  • Intermediate
  • Family
  • SUV
  • Minibus. 7 seaters an 9 seaters

What are the accepted means of payment?

The payment with cards accepts Visa, Visa premier, Carte Bleue, Mastercard, Mastercard Gold, Amex.

How may I know if my reservation is confirmed?

You will receive by e-mail your voucher of reservation, with the summary of your choices.

Further to my reservation I did not receive confirmation, that to make?

  • If you did not receive confirmation of your reservation, please contact directly your agency of departure.
  • If it is a reservation for a rent of going one way, please contact us. te or email

How may I modify my reservation?

You can modify your reservation with the agency of departure until 72 hours before the date of planned taking possession.
The Agency will make its best efforts to satisfy your demand.
New financial conditions will be proposed to you and you will have the possibility to accept them or to refuse them.
The demand of Modification must be notified to the Agency of departure.

Are there additional costs bound to the rent of the vehicle?

Here are the reasons pulling additional costs:

  • The Deposit which will be asked you during the provision of the Vehicle.
  • The possible “Franchises” staying chargeable to the Tenant in case of Flight or in case of total or partial destruction/deterioration of the vehicle and, it, in application of the General Conditions of Rent and the applicable Price list.
  • The possible Options proposed and signed in Agency.
  • A delay in the return of the vehicle.
  • The set of the additional costs planned on the General Conditions of Rent, such as in particular the fuel, the cost of the fines and their administrative treatment etc.

May I benefit from additional equipments?

For your comfort and your safety, certain agencies can provide you with additional equipments such as:

  • Baby seat
  • Car seat

This equipment can be booked directly online or in agency the day of the departure.

Do additional drivers incur costs?

You can add additional drivers, for the payment of a supplement, a day and by additional driver, the modalities of which appear on the tariff Conditions. The additional driver (s) owes (must) be indicated (s) on the Rental agreement from the Vehicle.

How may I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your on-line Reservation if your Cancellation reaches the Agency more than 72 hours before the date of taking possession planned during the on-line Reservation. CCB Rent A Car will proceed to the refund of the on-line Payment, deduction made by a 30€ sum VAT as set-up fees.

This Cancellation must be notified to the Agency of departure.

If it is about a reservation of going away simple, the conditions of cancellation are specific.

  1. If your Cancellation is notified at least 30 days before the planned date of departure, RENT A CAR will proceed to the refund of the Payment, deduction made of a 30€ sum VAT as set-up fees.
  2. If this cancellation is notified between 10 and 30 days before the planned date of departure, the tenant will owe a compensation equivalent to 25 % of the total amount VAT of the on-line Reservation
  3. If this cancellation is notified between 5 and 10 days before the planned date of departure, the tenant will owe a compensation equivalent to 50 % of the total amount VAT of the on-line Reservation

If your Cancellation is notified less than 5 days before the planned date of departure, the total amount of the on-line Reservation is of.

What are the conditions required to rent a vehicle?

Every driver has to be a holder of a driving licence of current validity  in Cyrillic alphabet  and corresponding to the desired category of Vehicle.

Is the rent of a car possible without credit card?

To rent a car, you have to arm yourselves with a credit card in your name and of current validity.

What are the necessary documents to get back the vehicle?

To get back the vehicle, the driver has to present to the Agency of departure:

  • ID card
  • The original of its driving licence
  • An internet address confirms
  • A proof of address
  • A credit card
  • In case of payment by ” voucher ” or prepaid reservation, an accepted means of payment.

Every additional driver has to present to the Agency of departure an ID card (ID card or passport) and the original of his driving licence of current validity.

What documents do I have to sign to get back the vehicle?

To get back your vehicle, you have to sign your rental agreement as well as the index card.

Do I have to leave a deposit to get back my vehicle?

During the taking possession of the vehicle, you will have to pay a Deposit (not taken at first) by using an approved means of payment.

That to verify when I get back my vehicle?

The Rental agreement which includes the called(index card ” State of the Vehicle ” indicate the possible visible damages of the Vehicle, the number of kilometers traveledby the Vehicle and the level of fuel supplied from the rent. You fill, at first and during the return, the index card “État du Véhicule”.
Compare the number of kilometers and the level of fuel registered on the dashboard with the mentions appearing on the Rental agreement and/or on the index card “État du Véhicule”.
Verify that the copy of the car registration document of the Vehicle, the green card of insurance and the accident report of accident are in the Vehicle.
We provide you with, in every Vehicle, a kit of safety (triangle + vest). Verify that the vest of high visibility is placed in the passenger compartment and that a triangle of pre-road marking is placed in the safe.
You make a commitment to make rectify the Rental agreement and/or the index card “État du Véhicule” by our staff in case of anomaly and/or of conflicts.

How long may I rent a vehicle?

For a rent to go away simple, the minimal duration of rent is of 24 hours and the maximal duration is to see with us.

Is there a distance not to be exceeded?

CCB Rent A Car proposes you an offer in specific unlimited mileage in the activity

Spécial packages for monthly rates with limited kilometers .

What is the policy of fuel?

The expenses of fuels are at your expense. You have to restore the vehicle with the same level of fuel as that indicated in the index card “Etat du véhicule”.

What may I make in case of breakdown, accident or theft?

In case of breakdown of the Vehicle or Accident requiring repairs, get in touch with our assistance telephone number of which appears in the present dress handkerchief in the Vehicle containing in particular the securities of traffic and the copy of the Rental agreement.
In the event of an accident, you have to inform us about it immediately and put back an accident report duly completed and signed by yourself and the third party concerned to the Agency, within 48 hours.
In the event of an accident during his conduct by a driver not indicated on the Rental agreement, additional insurances and possibly signed complements to protection are not applicable, and you have to indemnify us of the entire damage which are attributable you.
In case of Theft of the Vehicle, you have to declare immediately (except case of absolute necessity) the Theft or the theft attempt to the authorities of police as soon as you have knowledge of it as well as to the Agency and to restore to the staff identified of the the aforementioned Agency the systems of locking and starting up / stop of the Vehicle, the Rental agreement, the ” securities of traffic ” and the deposit certificate of posting of the statement of Theft above. This formality must be carried out within 24 hours by the statement of Theft, and in any case before the end of the Rental agreement (except case of absolute necessity).

Do I have to verify the state of the vehicle before returning it to the agency?

We suggest you checking contradictorily the visible state of the Vehicle with our staff on the return to the rent, and comparing it to that indicated on the index card “État du Véhicule”. If the visible state of the Vehicle on the way back differs from that of the departure, We charge you the noticed damages (shocks body, missing accessories) within the limits of the applicable maximal financial responsibility according to the possibly signed complements to protection.

May I return the vehicle except opening hours?

You have to restore the Vehicle, the systems of locking and starting up / stop of the Vehicle and its titles of traffic inside the Agency of departure (unless otherwise specified appearing in the Rental agreement) to an employee identified with dates and times suited in the Rental agreement, and in every case during the opening hours of the Agency.

You have to inform us, as soon as possible, about any event preventing you from restoring the Vehicle in date and time suited, from establishing a diversion liable to legal prosecution. If you wish to extend the rent beyond his initial duration, it is necessary to make the preliminary request in writing (by e-mail with request of acknowledgement of receipt) for the Agency at least 48 hours before the day and the hour of return planned to the Rental agreement.

From what insurances am I going to benefit in my rent?

By renting a Vehicle, the occupants of the Vehicle (drivers and passengers) benefit from the insurance “civil liability in thirds”. The third-party insurance in thirds guarantees the financial consequences of the physical or material injury which the driver and the passengers of the Vehicle can cause in thirds when they are in the Vehicle. She also covers the physical injury undergone only by the passengers of the Vehicle.

From what additional insurances may I benefit?

Certain Agencies suggest you signing additional insurances the modalities(methods) of which appear on the tariff Conditions :

  • Personal insurance transported (PAI)
  • Medical and technical care in the Vehicle 24 hours a day
  • Complements to protection
  • Complement Assistance Repair Area

What is the amount of the franchise of my vehicle?

The amounts of the diverse franchises are shown in Agency and available on request with the Agency. The conditions of the Repurchase of franchise are available in participating AGENCY or on the Site.

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